Thursday, December 07, 2017

Irish border: Cabinet doesn't have a clue

Following Chris Grayling’s claim that the UK does not need identical laws to the EU for Irish border trade, the Liberal Democrats accused the government of not knowing what it is doing.

Tom Brake said:

“If you listen to seven different cabinet ministers, you hear eight different opinions.

“Theresa May is being undermined at every turn by her own ministers in this incompetent government. Chris Grayling doesn't give a fig about trade in Northern Ireland - he only cares about trading blows with his own cabinet colleagues and pursuing an extreme Brexit. In talking up the possibility of a No Deal he is undermining the Chancellor and talking down British business.

“With the government making more of a mess of Brexit with every passing day, it is ever more vital that the people are given a vote on any deal Theresa May finally manages to negotiate.”


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