Thursday, December 07, 2017

Vince Cable launches Lib Dem Business & Entrepreneurs Network

Vince Cable has launched a Liberal Democrat Business & Entrepreneurs Network (LDBEN) at an event in the City this morning, galvanising the business community amid the government’s shambolic handling of Brexit.

The network includes is made up of 80 leading figures from the business community, including angel investor Andrew Dixon and Chair of Allied Irish Banks Richard Pym.

Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said:

“Under my leadership, I will ensure the Liberal Democrats are a strong voice for business and economic common sense.

“We will provide a sound and sensible plan to protect our economy, jobs and tax revenue from Brexit.

“Labour under Corbyn are intent on bashing business, while the Tories are pursuing an extreme version Brexit that will do permanent damage to our economy.

“We will provide a natural home for businesses and entrepreneurs.

“We would build on the industrial strategy that we introduced in government, keep Britain at the heart of the single market and pursue ambitious reforms at home that will support businesses and boost growth.”

Richard Pym, Chair Allied Irish Banks plc, Co-Chair and Founder Member of LDBEN, stated: 

“The Conservatives have betrayed business with their wealth-destroying approach to Brexit.  The Labour Party scare business with their anti-capitalism rhetoric.

“In contrast the values of modern businesses are liberal values.

“Business leaders and entrepreneurs are increasingly backing the Liberal Democrats because the party is now the natural party for business.”

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