Thursday, December 28, 2017

May must back EU allies & condemn Polish government for its attack on the rule of law


Ahead of the UK - Poland summit in Warsaw tomorrow, the Liberal Democrats have called on Theresa May to support the EU’s efforts to reinstate the rule of law and liberal democracy in Poland.

David Cameron capitulated to demands by his own backbench Eurosceptic Conservative MPs to leave the mainstream EPP European grouping in 2009 and form a new right wing European parliamentary grouping with the Polish PiS party, which is now responsible for undermining democratic and judicial institutions in Poland.

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“It was a massive mistake for the Tories to get into bed with the populist, right-wing and homophobic Polish PiS party.

“Now Theresa May has been left in an awkward position that is totally self-inflicted.

“The UK must be firm with the Government in Warsaw and support EU efforts to defend democracy and the rule of law in Poland.

“Theresa May rightly committed to defending liberty, democracy and the rule of law in Europe - now it’s time to deliver.”

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