Thursday, June 13, 2019

Failed Tory policies lead to nine-year knife crime high

Responding to the Ministry of Justice’s latest knife and offensive weapon sentencing statistics, published today, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey said:
“The UK is facing an epidemic of knife crime, but the Conservative's cack-handed response is to repeat policies that have completely failed in the past.
“Branding young people as criminals – whether by locking them up on destructive short prison sentences or giving them one of Sajid Javid’s gimmicky new knife ASBOs – traps them in a cycle of crime, creating more victims and making our streets less safe.
“To make matters worse, we now have Boris Johnson running for Prime Minister boasting about the supposed success of his Stop & Search policies in London – even though his own Government’s analysis shows they didn’t cut knife crime and were a total waste of police time.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better. We demand a public health approach that understands why young people carry knives in the first place and addresses those causes. That means more community policing to make people feel safer and more youth services to provide a positive alternative to gangs.”


nigel hunter said...

Johnson story of cutting knife crime should be confronted with the facts by journo's who are not surrounded by his supporters to antagonise them.His Trump style tactics have to be confronted

nigel hunter said...

Branding young people as (hardened) criminals maintains Tory nastiness to enable them to get votes from right wing voters to maintain there position as a valid one of fighting crime Trumpism.