Thursday, June 13, 2019

Leaked memo confirms no-deal Brexit medicine fears

Responding to a leaked Cabinet note revealing the UK will not be ready for a no-deal Brexit by October 31st because is will take “six to eight months” to build up supplies of medicines, Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine said: 

“This Government document will be extremely concerning to people who rely on medicines like insulin to stay alive.

“It is unacceptable that senior Tory figures running to be leader are suggesting that we could leave on the 31 October when documents are showing the exact opposite. 

“The candidates for Tory leadership must be honest. No deal is not a reality, it has never been a reality. 

“The only options are a people’s vote with an option to remain or Theresa May’s universally disliked deal. Only by stopping Brexit can we ensure a safe supply of medicines.” 


nigel hunter said...

The Tories are not interested in the people at the moment.They are fighting amongst themselves for whom will win the race. The people and the state the country is in is unimportant to them at the moment. They and there millions will not be hit by problems anywhere near the rest of us

nigel hunter said...

6 months to build up medicinal supplies!? Is this why medicinal cannabis is not available in the UK which is known to help certain illnesses and people have to go abroad for it only to have it confiscated?
A certain prominent Tory MPs hubby has a stake in a legal.cannabis company so he knows the value of it (in more ways than one) Could he not put pressure on the system? or is it cos keeping it criminal contains votes?