Thursday, June 13, 2019

Farron calls for new deal to fix broken social care system

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron used yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions session to call for the establishment of a new cross-party group to bring forward a new deal to fix Britain’s social care system.
Speaking on the floor of the House of Commons, Tim said: “This log-jammed and under-worked Parliament could become one of the best if we chose to work across party to fix our broken social care system. 
“Through free votes, good will and hard work, we could design and then enact a new deal for social care that could give millions hope for the future. 
“As one of her final acts as Prime Minister, will she commit to meet me and establish a cross party group so that we can bring this social care new deal to fruition?”
In response, Theresa May said that it was important that Britain’s social care system has a sustainable future and that she hopes that the Government will bring forward a social care green paper to Parliament soon which MPs of all parties would be able to contribute towards.
Speaking afterwards, Tim Farron said

“My suggestion is that we use the Local Government Association’s green paper on social care which has already been put together by councillors from parties of all colours as a good place to start.
“What I want is for MPs to work together for a couple of months to design and bring forward a bill so this Parliament, which at the moment is so rightly derided, might actually do one of the best things that’s ever been done by any Parliament.”

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nigel hunter said...

may or Johnson will not want cross-party co-operation for it is, to them, a sign of weakness.