Thursday, May 15, 2008

Local LibDem AM claims victory as WAG pledge to boost youth opportunities

Peter Black has welcomed a government commitment to improve youth services - but warned that the new guidance may not be enough.

Peter's attempt to use the Assembly's legislative powers to improve youth services were voted down by the Labour/Plaid government. But children ' s Minister Jane Hutt has pledged to toughen up guidance to local authorities to achieve the same aim. She said the new guidance would be issued "as a result" of Peter Black's work.

Peter said: "I am delighted that the Minister has expressed her support for the principle of this Measure.

"From talking to her, I understand that the Government fully approves of what I am trying to achieve - greater opportunities for young people in their communities.

"I still believe that in order to secure the kind of services we have been talking about today, we need to pursue the matter through a Measure. I do not share the Minister's optimistic view that the same can be achieved through revising existing guidance.

"Guidance, by nature, is not enough. We have had guidance in place through the 'Extended Entitlement' document, and I believe it has not proved effective. The evidence for that is there for all to see in our local communities.

"The Minister has promised to bring this back within a year. I hope she is right that stronger guidance will make a difference. I am prepared to work with her to try to ensure that this is the case, if that is possible.

"But my fear is that it will not and by then we will have failed a generation of young people by the time we are able to bring this back."
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