Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baglan Energy Park - nearly full?

The leader of Neath Port Talbot in a barnstorming speech to council last week, announced that the Energy Park was nearly full. This claim is notably missing from the report of the speech on the council's web site.

Let us recap. BP at its peak employed over 2,300 people in Baglan Bay. In 1999, the then Secretary of State announced that the Energy Park would provide 10,000 johs. Between then and 2004, this target was scaled down to 6,000.

The actual figure in 2006 was 280. Since then, according to the county borough's own press releases, no more than five hundred new commercial jobs have been created: Intertissue 300, Halford (say) 25, Shield Medical 120. (Mardon's 480 are only potential jobs.)

Then there are the council's own people at The Quays. 1300 staff would have transferred from Penllergaer to Baglan, and it was also announced that 300 depot staff would be based there. These are not new jobs, but they were previously located outside the borough. This gives a grand total of 2045 extra since 2006, which just about brings us up to BP levels.
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