Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Climate change is bigger than any one political party - Webb

Commenting on the growing Labour rebellion over the Climate Change Bill, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, Steve Webb said:

"Climate change is bigger than any one political party, so support for the Liberal Democrat campaign for an 80% cut by 2050 is welcomed wherever it comes from.

"The Government has got the emissions target wrong and once again it looks like its own backbench MPs will have to rebel to get ministers to do the right thing.

"Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron must come off the fence on this issue. By allowing his Tories to constantly abstain David Cameron is showing how hollow his green credentials really are.

"The Climate Change Bill is too important to be watered down. The Liberal Democrats will be tabling an amendment today to make sure there will be a vote on the 80% target."

Coincidentally, figures released this week by the RAC, show that the cost of motoring has fallen in real terms in the UK since 1988. This puts David Cameron's call for a reduction in fuel duty into perspective.
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