Saturday, January 10, 2009

Janet Davies AM dined out at National Audit Office expense

Private Eye magazine has finally obtained details of the lunches and dinners which Sir John Bourn, the now departed head of the National Audit Office, so lavishly provided at the taxpayer's expense. Among the many beneficiaries of what the Eye otherwise sees as mostly a mutual back-scratching exercise is the name of Janet Davies, treated to dinner at Bibendum and the Aurora (cost £328) within the space of a month, but after NAO had lost responsibility for WAG audit. The magazine was unable to obtain an explanation for this.

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Anonymous said...

NAO - Interesting, I did ask the question of the WAO (different organisation) about the various losses of money with the Icelandic Savings that some of our more socialist councils had investigated in.

To the Wales Audit Office's credit (no pun intended) they have acknowledged my letter which is more than can be said for the Criminal Records Bureau.

But if an investigation is being carried out by WAO is another matter.

G. Lewis
Ogmore Lib Dems