Monday, January 26, 2009

BNP fishing in troubled waters

It is typical of the British National Party, like similar organisations before them, to take advantage of difficult times to try to recruit members. The Evening Post shows them in Neath, presumably blaming Jews and Muslims for the economic crisis. They have apparently added to their platform the breaches in electoral law committed by Peter Hain's leadership campaign. How discriminating against people of different ethnicity or religion is expected to clean up the UK political system defeats us.

We support Mr Hain's condemnation of the BNP and trust that the county borough issues its own rebuttal of the party's divisive message. We deprecate the Evening Post's giving the organisation more publicity than it deserves (including a colour photograph which is technically better than those which have illustrated many more deserving news stories) and for not making clear that Brian Mahoney is not a local councillor (nor a member of any principal authority in Wales), but merely the BNP's national organiser.

Readers who are tempted to join BNP are advised to read Searchlight first.
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