Saturday, January 24, 2009

Labour planning for spring election

With all the experts predicting that the recession will get worse before it gets better, the Labour government is preparing to make the best of a bad job by calling a snap general election in April. Gordon Brown wants to take advantage of opinion poll ratings which can only follow the employment figures as they plummet through 2009/10. Pensioners, who vote in larger numbers than the rest of the population, will receive their uprate during the month. And, on April 2nd, the G20 summit will take place in London and be attended by Barack Obama. (Expect plenty of photos of the prime minister shaking the hand of the new US president.)

Liberal Democrats are ready. The shadow cabinet is in place. Leading members of it are engaging senior civil servants in the private briefings which are held for opposition parties. The manifesto is being drafted.

The sooner Vince Cable gets into number 11 Downing Street to restore confidence in the UK economy, the better. So we say: bring it on!
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