Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lib Dems Lead the Field - Yet Again!

An interesting article appeared on Nick Harvey's blog, Forces Focus, today highlighting thats its not just the economy where the Liberal Democrats are leading the way in terms of ideas and forethought. In terms of defence, it is the Liberal Democrats who probably have "The Best Defence Policy" according to the Defence Management Journal.

Nick's blog article went on to say:

Going Down - The Labour Party

We uncovered a simple economic formula sent from Treasury ministers to the MoD. Apparently it never arrived. If inflation is greater than proposed spending increases, your budget will eventually have a deficit.

Not Moving - The Conservatives

On the surface they promise to bring about fundamental change to the MoD if they come to power. This might be so and we would welcome a change of leadership. But no one is committing to actually increasing spending so the current problems will persist for many years to come.

Going Up - The Liberal Democrats

Considering they are Britain’s third party, the Liberal Democrats probably have the best defence policy at the moment. Nick Harvey is one of the most knowledgable MPs on defence subjects outside of government and always has something to say on any given subject. The party is committed to Afghanistan and a new strategic defence review, two major policies that need more attention at the moment. While we may not agree on their Trident position, we want to hear more from this party in 2009 on defence.

Hat Tip to Forces Focus
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