Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Expenses: the LibDem shoe has fallen

Andrew George is the only LibDem MP in the Geoff Hoon class, it seems, though Nick Clegg himself, Menzies Campbell, Chris Huhne, Lembit Opik and Julia Goldsworthy are all fingered by the Telegraph. Most of these involve minor amounts compared with the wholesale troughing of Tory grandees and Labour ministers previously revealed by the Telegraph. (I can't see Glyn Davies getting too hot under the collar over Lembit's £40 fine, for instance.)

Nick Clegg announced tonight that he will require our MPs to repay to the taxpayer any profits made on sale of subsidised homes. He thus joins Tory leader David Cameron in taking a hard line against abuse of the system.

We know about Alex Salmond's food bill and Sinn Fein's use of expenses. Are there no skeletons in the cupboards of the other nationalists, or have they just slipped under the Telegraph's radar?

Frank Little

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Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Belated apologies to Andrew George for putting him in the top troughing category. The reason is stated by Alix Mortimer.

It's good news for me (and for the Daily Telegraph, unfortunately) that AG has stated that he can't afford the costs of a libel suit.

The case against Lord Rennard appears to be stronger. I trust that the powers-that-be within the party will be firm and consistent in taking any action necessary.

Frank Little