Sunday, May 17, 2009

Liberal Democrat MEP calls for energy diversity and security

Graham Watson, ALDE leader and editor of Making the Green Energy Switch at a Time of Crisis, a cross party policy pamphlet published in February 2009, has warned European leaders against not developing green energy sources in Europe. “Energy diversity and energy security must be Europe's goal, and that means there are real benefits to new gas routes…” said Mr. Watson on the eve of a meeting in Prague between the Turkish Prime Minister and the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Georgia. “A European super grid supplied by solar, wind and tidal power offers Europe the chance to wean itself off dirty fossil fuels.” The promotion of competitive, clean and secure energy and the liberalisation of energy markets and the completion of the internal market for energy have always been key objectives of ALDE group. Graham Watson ( is also running for the Presidency of the European Parliament, following the upcoming EU elections from 4-7 June.

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