Sunday, May 17, 2009

Liberals in European Parliament defeat Internet censorship

Under the initiative of the ALDE Group, on 6 May, the European Parliament rejected legislation that would have restricted internet access of users without adjudication. Marking a clear victory for those who advocate free access to the internet, this ruling has marked a clear division in the hegemony of the Socialists and Conservatives in the European Parliament. Liberal co-rapporteur Alexander Alvaro (FDP-Germany) said 'Internet users must not be denied access to what is today one of their main sources of information and social interaction.” The parliamentary majority blocked a wide-ranging reform of EU telecom laws by rejecting an earlier compromise with member states over the protection of Internet users' rights. Many members of the ALDE group have also added their names to the “Stop Internet Censorship” Campaign, a cross-party initiative. With their statues at the 3rd largest force in the European Parliament, the Liberal group remains poised to add their voice to legislation that advocates the fundamental liberal value of safeguarding individual freedoms.

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