Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cable: Migration stats show Brexodus of EU workers

Quarterly migration data published today by the Office for National Statistics shows another significant rise in EU citizens leaving the UK, up 33,000 to 122,000. Commenting, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said:

“These figures show a deeply worrying Brexodus of EU citizens who have made the UK their home. This is largely a result of the failure of Theresa May's government to guarantee EU citizens' right to stay.

Recent research shows that more than half of British businesses are struggling to recruit the skilled labour they need.  We have already seen record numbers of EU workers leaving our NHS, and today we hear stark warnings from the food and drink industry that they face significant disruption and economic damage if European nationals continue to leave.

“This government must act urgently to give assurances to skilled and hard-working EU citizens, before any more damage is done to our already weakened economy.

“The common sense solution is for the British Government to unilaterally make clear EU citizens resident here are welcome to stay. This will open the way to reciprocal offers from EU governments to offer the same assurances to British citizens living and working across Europe.”

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