Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ECJ plan shows Govt is in denial over reality of international trade - Davey

Sir Paul Jenkins has called Theresa May's Brexit strategy 'foolish' for hoping to distance the UK from the European Court of Justice whilst maintaining the benefits of the single market.

Commenting Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Ed Davey, said:
"Either Theresa May is trying to con Brexiteers and really understands the critical legal point Sir Paul Jenkins is making - or she is heading for the hardest of Brexits, despite the evidence that this could only work at huge cost to British people.

"The Conservatives are refusing to admit publicly that Europe will still require Britain to abide by their rules in nearly 50% of our trade, hard Brexit or not.

"Brexit Tories are increasingly like Donald Trump in their refusal to understand the reality of international trade law - namely, you can't tell the other side what to do." 

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