Thursday, August 31, 2017

Police treated disgracefully under May - Paddick

A recent Police Federation survey has found that police feel "undervalued and underpaid". Commenting Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Home Affairs and former Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Metropolitan Police Service, said:

“Under Theresa May's leadership at the Home Office, the police were treated disgracefully, with their pay and pensions decimated and their numbers reduced to the level where they are struggling to cope. There has been no change since she became Prime Minister.

"The stance of people in authority, and who can forget Theresa May's vicious attacks at successive Police Federation conferences, influences public attitudes, which is why, at least in part, we are seeing increases in violent attacks on the police and officers treated with contempt on our streets.

"It's time for a sea-change, back to the time when politicians rightly held the police in high-esteem, unmoved by the misconduct of a tiny minority of officers in a small number of isolated cases.

"The overwhelming majority of police officers are dedicated to public service, put their lives on the line for us every day and they deserve to be treated with respect by the public and politicians alike.

"We must see an end to the public sector pay cap, an increase in police budgets and a review of the police pension reforms for those who have served for more than five years."

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