Thursday, August 24, 2017

Cable: Osborne right to take on May over Northern Powerhouse

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has backed George Osborne in the row with Theresa May over HS3 after the former Conservative Chancellor accused her advisers of trying to bury the Northern Powerhouse..

Vince Cable said:

“George Osborne is absolutely right to call out the prime minister for starving the North of investment in its railways. It is a priority for the economy of the North of England that it has a good trans-Pennine rail route.

"Frankly, HS3 should have priority over HS2. At present the government is investing too little beyond London, be it electrification in Wales or infrastructure investment in the SW.

"The prime minister has given little support to the Northern Powerhouse, or to the regions in general. The region desperately needs more investment and a proper industrial strategy, or Britain will grow ever more divided and unequal.”
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