Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Govt's support for Trump on Afghanistan contrasts with failure to condemn him in the past

Donald Trump has committed to send more troops to Afghanistan, in a move that was rapidly welcomed by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

The Liberal Democrats said the Government's rapid praise for Trump contrasted with its failure to condemn him in the past.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary and Deputy Leader Jo Swinson commented:

"For once, sense seems to have prevailed in the White House.

"But to succeed in Afghanistan will require winning the hearts and minds of its people and working closely with neighbouring countries.

"On that front, Donald Trump has already done untold damage through his proposed refugee ban, Islamophobic comments and cack-handed approach to foreign affairs.

“The government’s rapid statement of support for Trump today contrasts with its failure to swiftly condemn his divisive views and actions in the past.

"Simply pouring more troops into Afghanistan will not work without a broader strategy involving careful diplomacy and redoubled efforts to build a stable government."
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