Thursday, June 14, 2018

Government has been shamed into doing right thing

Commenting on reports in The Telegraph that the cap on Tier 2 visas is to be lifted, Lib Dem Education and Science Spokesperson Layla Moran, who worked with the Campaign for Science and Engineering to obtain the figures on Tier 2 visa refusals, said:
“Exemptions for NHS staff - in turn freeing up places for scientists, engineers, technicians and teachers - are very welcome but long overdue. The Government should have taken this step when visa caps first started to be hit late last year.
“In the meantime NHS patients, students and cutting edge scientific research programmes have suffered as those from outside the EU wanting to work here were callously turned away. This is a Government more interested in keeping its right wingers happy than what’s in the best interests of the country.
“I’m pleased they’ve now been shamed into doing the right thing and making Britain an open and welcoming place for some of the most talented people who want to contribute to our society, economy and public services.”

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