Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Kick USA out of the G7

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has called for the USA to be kicked out of the G7 if they continue to behave like a ‘rogue state’.
Brake made his remarks in the House of Commons yesterday in response to a government statement on the US-imposed tariffs on the EU.
Brake later said: 
“Mr Fox warns against a trade war, and yet he refuses to recognise that a post-Brexit UK may well be rebuffed by a protectionist Trump administration uninterested in striking a fair trade deal.  
“Our EU partners, fellow members of the largest trading bloc in the world, are right to take a stand against Trump to defend our economic interests.
“Yet it seems the Tories are far happier to see Trump take their lunch money and run than admit they could be wrong. Instead we must be ready to act firmly, including suspending Trump’s rogue United States from the G7 if necessary.”  

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