Friday, June 15, 2018

Tories must sit up and listen to NAO

Responding to the NAO’s latest report on Universal Credit, Liberal Democrat DWP Spokesman Stephen Lloyd said:
“This comprehensive report from the NAO is a devastating indictment of the Conservatives’ cruel and incompetent roll-out of Universal Credit.

"Not only is UC years behind schedule and unlikely to either deliver value for money or increase employment, it is also causing severe hardship among claimants, which the Government consistently refuses to acknowledge or address.
"This awful situation is unlikely to improve, with the NAO estimating that over 300,000 new claimants will be paid late over the course of this year, inflicting further financial and psychological harm on some of society’s most vulnerable people.
“The Conservatives must pause the roll-out of Universal Credit immediately and fix the flaws identified by the NAO before it expands any further."

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