Friday, June 01, 2018

Trump a 'petulant three-year-old'

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson MP Tom Brake has branded President Trump as a "petulant three-year-old" over his handling of steel and aluminium negotiations with the EU. 

The remarks come as the head of UK Steel warned that EU leaders have a "gun held to their head" over the threat of US tariffs on steel imports. The US tariffs came into effect this (Friday) morning.

Mr Brake said:
“Trump has handled these complex trade negotiations with all the delicacy of a petulant three-year-old. Had he been a contestant on his own show, he would have already been fired. 
“There is a hard truth that UK Government ministers must learn from this stand-off. If they think going it alone with Brexit will enable them to strike more favourable deals with the US, they are sorely mistaken. 
“Given the choice of working with our EU partners in the largest trading bloc in the world, or dealing alone with Trump’s bully-boy tactics, my money would be with the EU.

“That is why Liberal Democrats are calling for the people to have the final say on the Brexit deal and an opportunity to Exit from Brexit.”

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