Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Plaid Cymru have their heads stuck in silage on rural affairs – Wyn Williams

Responding to Plaid Cymru’s ‘pledge to protect rural Wales’, Wyn Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat Montgomeryshire Assembly Candidate and local farmer said:

“Elin Jones and Plaid Cymru are totally out of touch with farmers and rural Wales. Plaid Cymru have their heads stuck in the silage when it comes the real issues that affect farmers. If they are promising to protect rural Wales now, where have they been for the last four years?

"In government, Plaid Cymru has bungled from one rural issue to another starting with the doomed-to-failure Glastir agri-environmental scheme. Farmers across Wales want a non-bureaucratic system of managing their farmland where they don't have to fill in complicated forms and jump through hoops.

“Just yesterday, I was in Welshpool market, one of the biggest livestock markets in Europe, and the farmers there were telling me how Elin Jones is not listening to farmers about the important agri-environemnt scheme. I imagine she didn’t get a warm reception from the farmers in Ruthin and Llanrwst today either.

"I took the Plaid Cymru Rural Affairs Minister to task about her poor handling of farm payments live on national TV. The farmers of Wales have a right to know that their interests are not being looked after by this Plaid Cymru government Minister.

"As a local farmer and one who understands the needs of rural Wales, I will fight for farmers."


Anonymous said...

Lib Dems AM have been to busy getting stuck into paramedics while drunk in Cardiff

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

You cannot compare one moment of madness with four years of consistent under-performance.