Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welsh Lib Dems put education centre stage - locally and nationally

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have put education at the heart of the Welsh election campaign. While Labour and Plaid Cymru have presided over a rising funding gap, and the Conservatives are committed to cutting education funding, only the Welsh Liberal Democrats have costed plans to put more money into schools, targeted at the pupils who need it most.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are firmly established as a driving force of educational excellence in local government. In councils up and down Wales, we we deliver services for half the population of Wales.

Welsh Liberal Democrats in Swansea put £1.2 million more into education than the Labour-Plaid Education Minister asked them to, increasing spending in schools in cash terms at a time of severe budget cuts. They have also created a £400,000 literacy fund to improve literacy across the city and county. By Estyn’s rating of schools, Swansea has a better position than most adjoining councils.

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