Saturday, April 09, 2011

Welsh Lib Dems launch the Assembly election campaign

This is a piece contributed by Ed Townsend, candidate for Newport East, to Liberal Democrat Voice on Thursday.

On Tuesday I welcomed Kirsty Williams to Newport East as we launched the Welsh Liberal Democrats campaign for the Assembly elections.

It is clear that this election is the most important one that Wales has seen since devolution. After the devolution referendum, this election is about the kind of government that Wales needs.

At least that it is what is should be about. It is clear that Labour and Plaid will run a mile before having to defend their record in government in Wales. The truth is that Labour have had their paws all over the Assembly Government for a full 12 years – and they have been a huge disappointment.

But Labour will not be able to run away from their record in Newport. In the key areas of health, education and the economy, Labour simply hasn’t delivered.

They have left us with a weak economy, underfunded schools, and an NHS that costs more but delivers less. And they have turned waste and incompetence into an art form.

In contrast, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have positive policies that will help close the schools funding gap, boost our economy and root out waste and inefficiency in the health service.

No more excuses. The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that Wales can do better.

That is why we will use this election campaign to set out positive policies to

  • Create jobs and improve our economy by offering companies £2,000 for staff training if they provide jobs to unemployed young people.
  • Tackle the spending gap, providing more money for schools by targeting additional money at the 80,000 pupils who need it the most so that schools can afford to invest in the things that really matter, such as smaller classes or one-on-one teaching.
  • Reduce waiting times by cutting waste. We will improve healthcare by switching ineffective spending in the NHS to the front line.

We’ll see how the campaign develops, but I am proud of the start that the Welsh Lib Dems have made in addressing the issues that matter most to people in Wales.

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