Friday, April 01, 2011

Welsh Conservative intent on "slash and burn"

Responding to David Cameron’s speech in Swansea, Peter Black, South Wales West lead Regional Assembly Candidate said:

“David Cameron today gave his backing for the Tories in Wales’ plans to take a machete to the economic development, training, education, transport and housing budgets in the National Assembly. The Tories want to protect bloated bureacacy and managers in the NHS. They just don’t realise that this will put Wales further behind where Labour and Plaid Cymru have left it.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats will focus on tackling the skills gap and making sure that Wales is a good place to do business. We will create jobs and improve our economy by offering companies £2,000 for staff training if they provide jobs to unemployed young people."

On David Cameron’s attack on the Yes to Fairer Votes Campaign, Peter Black added:

“David Cameron is just plain wrong about the fairer votes AV campaign. The voting system he backs results in MPs having jobs for life and being elected without the support of most of their constituents.

“The Alternative Vote will mean politicians having to persuade at least half their constituents to vote for them. Members of Parliament will have to really work and earn the support and vote of the people in the constituency.

“A yes in the AV referendum will mean fewer MPs with jobs for life in safe seats. It will mean putting the people back in charge, knowing that their vote will make a difference.”

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Anonymous said...

Old fashiond liberal prudence . These policies show providence also.