Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welsh Liberal Democrats to increase the supply of affordable housing in Wales

In their manifesto, the Welsh Liberal Democrats outline policies to

· Bring empty homes back into use with a Wales-wide Empty Homes Programme that will assist councils and housing associations to make use of empty homes.

· Bring more private money into housing by working with housing associations to restart the Welsh Housing Investment Trust.

· Protect any new social rented housing from being sold under the Right-to-Buy scheme for a minimum of 25 years in areas where this is needed.

· Strengthen the ability of councils to enforce their minimum level of affordable housing in new developments.

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat South Wales West Assembly Candidate and housing spokesperson said:

“The Labour-Plaid government has failed on community regeneration and housing and their attempt to build affordable homes has been condemned by report after report because they have not delivered improvements. They promised to increase the supply of affordable housing by 6,500 but they missed that target.

“I speak to many people who want to get on the property ladder but find it very difficult. We will only tackle the affordable housing crisis by increasing the number of homes in Wales, so that prices come down and more homes are available.”

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