Saturday, April 03, 2010

Air trips for the few cost more than the abandoned Welsh newspaper

In February 2008, it was announced that the daily Welsh-language newspaper, Y Byd, part of the all-Wales Agreement, had been abandoned.

The project’s backers, Dyddiol Cyf, blamed “insufficient” Government support (no more than £200,000). An independent review commissioned by the Welsh Language Board for the Assembly Government had concluded Y Byd would need £600,000 a year and substantial public sector advertising to remain afloat. [Wales Online, 2008-02-16]

This week, Jenny Randerson revealed that the annual cost of running "Ieuan Air" topped £1m - a £900,000 subsidy to Highland Airways (now in administration) plus a large part of the £400,000 needed to keep Anglesey airport open.

Which of the priorities for Wales would Plaid Cymru fight for if they had any power at Westminster?

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