Saturday, April 03, 2010

Air trips for the few cost more than the abandoned Welsh newspaper

In February 2008, it was announced that the daily Welsh-language newspaper, Y Byd, part of the all-Wales Agreement, had been abandoned.

The project’s backers, Dyddiol Cyf, blamed “insufficient” Government support (no more than £200,000). An independent review commissioned by the Welsh Language Board for the Assembly Government had concluded Y Byd would need £600,000 a year and substantial public sector advertising to remain afloat. [Wales Online, 2008-02-16]

This week, Jenny Randerson revealed that the annual cost of running "Ieuan Air" topped £1m - a £900,000 subsidy to Highland Airways (now in administration) plus a large part of the £400,000 needed to keep Anglesey airport open.

Which of the priorities for Wales would Plaid Cymru fight for if they had any power at Westminster?

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Anonymous said...


Well, this does show Plaid's commitment to having a welsh language newspaper, mind you with S4C viewing figures for some of it's programmes being less than 1,000 you could get the situation whereby, this paper wouldn't be sold. Just the odd copy for our public libraries.

Tremendous amount of wastage with the Welsh Assembly Government.

What's the cost of laying railtrack per mile/kilometer?