Thursday, April 08, 2010

Parliamentary Reform

Nick Clegg delivered a speech yesterday ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions in which he said a vote for either Labour or the Conservatives would be a “vote for corrupt politics.”

He said: “They have systematically at every turn blocked every single reform: they have blocked party funding reform, they have blocked reform on lobbying.”

Later, during Prime Minister’s questions Nick Clegg accused both Labour and the Conservatives of “trying to fool people they are serious about political reform.”

"Look at them now: You failed, it's over, it's time to go," he added.

Chris Huhne meanwhile attacked Tory plans to introduce a right to recall MPs found guilty of wrongdoing.

“The Tories are being utterly dishonest. How can you trust a party that promises something during an election that it blocked when it had the chance to make it happen?

“Whether it's the right to sack crooked MPs, to take big money out of politics, or to clamp down on lobbyists, Labour and the Tories have stood in the way at every opportunity.

“A vote for the old parties is a vote for corrupt and discredited politics.”
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