Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fair Taxes for all

The Tories launched their plans to give 4 million married couples and civil partners an annual tax break of £150, funded by a banking levy.

Nick Clegg attacked the plans as ‘patronising drivel’. Most married people would not benefit from this policy. Instead, it would only reward married couples where only one partner is working and they are earning under £44,000.

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Anonymous said...

£3 per week, whoopie!

Most wages in Wales are Under £44k even when both members of the marriage are working their combined income rarely exceeds £30kpa in Wales, such is the state of the Welsh Economy.

I did do some research the other day, and it would appear that no Welsh university is in the top twenty according to either the Times or the Guardian good university guide.

Cardiff is at position 26 according to the Times, Aber 46, Swansea 50, UWNC 107.

Cardiff is at position 44 according to the Guardian, Aber 71, Swansea 95, Newport 100.

I can't see any inward investment in Wales with these figures, to Paraphrase Peter Hain, we are doing well compaired to Rwanda.