Monday, April 19, 2010

Creating jobs that last by stimulating a green, sustainable economy‏

In Cardiff this morning, the Liberal Democrats launched plans to create jobs that last by stimulating a green, sustainable economy. The plans include investing in wind energy, energy efficiency in public buildings and homes, and bringing empty homes back into use through renovation.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said: “This week I will be focusing on the most important issue of all in this election: how we can build a new economy from the rubble of the old. Under Governments from the old parties, economic policy was made entirely subservient to the needs of just one square mile - the city of London.

“Our vision of a new economy aims to provide growth that lasts for all 100,000 square miles of the UK. We have detailed plans to make our economy environmentally, financially and socially sustainable. Today [Monday] I will set out further details of our costed plan for an immediate green job creation package, taking over £3bn of savings to invest in housing transport and green energy.

“This will provide an immediate jobs boost and help create the green infrastructure we need for a low carbon economy. On Tuesday and Wednesday I will unveil further proposals on restructuring our financial system and on boosting social mobility in the new economy.”

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