Saturday, April 24, 2010

Top Political Stories in last 24 hours

Real danger of double dip recession - Cable

Commenting on today s GDP figures showing 0.2% growth between January and March this year, Vince Cable said:

These figures show that the promised recovery is barely visible. There is a real danger of the UK going into a double dip recession.

Liberal Democrats turn heat on George Osborne over Nick Clegg smears

Danny Alexander said: "George Osborne needs to come clean as to whether he himself was personally responsible for this negative smear campaign, which is now backfiring spectacularly with the voters.

Tory claims that hung parliament would cause meltdown are dismissed

Fears of an economic meltdown in the case of a hung parliament have been dismissed by a leading credit rating agency and senior economists.

Chris Huhne said: This research proves that David Cameron and Ken Clarke s talk about hung parliaments is just desperate scaremongering.

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