Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unemployment up as Brown makes tick-box visit to Wales

Kirsty Williams, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has today
criticised the Labour Prime Minister for having the gall to come to
Wales promising 'jobs for the future' on the day when latest
unemployment figures show an increase in Wales.

The leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats also criticised the Prime
Minister for taking the people of Wales for granted after having taken
two weeks to come to Wales to campaign and speak to Welsh voters.

Kirsty Williams said: "Gordon Brown has the gall to come to Cardiff today and promise jobs for
the future when people are losing their jobs today and want jobs now. Only today we see yet another increase in unemployment and we need an immediate solution. Throughout the UK, unemployment in now higher than when Labour came into office 13 years ago. Their record speaks for itself.

"Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats was in Cardiff on Monday announcing how we'd create thousands of jobs in the first year of a Liberal Democrat government by providing an immediate financial stimulus package to provide green and sustainable jobs.

"The election campaign kicked off two weeks ago and it's taken this long for Gordon Brown to come to Wales. This is typical of the Labour party taking Wales for granted, thinking that their vote is safe. There is a shift in the mood of people in this country and political parties must
earn every vote."

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Anonymous said...

Seem to remember Rhodri (boy, didn't I get out in time) Morgan claiming that Wales will be least effected by the recession, due to it's non-reliance on Manufacturing.

Unemployment rate in Wales is over 9%, highest in the UK. Well done that Parish Council on Cardiff Bay