Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vote Lib Dem, get Lib Dem: Clegg

Vote Lib Dem and that is what you will get, says Clegg: Nick Clegg has challenged claims made by the Conservative leader David Cameron that a vote for him would keep Gordon Brown in power as all three parties began to digest the constitutional implications of the surge in support for the Liberal Democrats.

Nick said: "There are lots and lots of people telling pollsters they are up for something different. Since Thursday night, this campaign has come alive. It would be both wrong in democratic principle and politically stupid for me to second guess what's going to happen during this campaign."

Earlier The Conservatives dropped a planned political broadcast attacking Labour in favour of a personal plea from Mr Cameron to voters to avoid such a scenario.

The Tory leader said on Monday that would lead to "uncertainty, fudge and division" and could mean people end up being "stuck with Gordon Brown in Downing Street".

Frank Little, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Neath, added: "In Wales, Labour is falling back on the same old ploy, telling voters that the only way to stop the Conservatives is to stick with Labour. The truth is that there are enough disappointed former Labour supporters prepared to switch their votes to sweep Liberal Democrats in in many Welsh constituencies."

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