Friday, April 16, 2010

LibDems win debate & economic argument

Nick Clegg came out top from yesterday's leaders' debate according to virtually all polling organisatons. His approval rating varied between 40% and 51%.

Earlier, the press and other institutions endorsed out national manifesto:

"The Lib Dems are well aware of the stakes. For their moment in the spotlight, they chose a focused, costed and serious political message."

The Guardian - 15th April 2010

"The Liberal Democrat manifesto contains more extensive and more detailed tax and spending proposals than those of the other main UK parties."

Institute for Fiscal Studies - 14th April 2010

"The [Liberal Democrats] deserve credit for costing its promises... unlike the Tories who hid their sums because they know the figures don't add up."

The Mirror - 15th April 2010

"They’ve got by far the most ambitious tax and spending plans"

BBC - 14th April 2010

"Their manifesto launch today was refreshingly candid in its clear focus on the deficit and the recession, subjects largely fudged by Labour and the Tories in their manifestos this week."

Evening Standard - 14th April 2010

"The Liberal Democrat manifesto is about facts and figures and pledges"

Martin Kettle; The Guardian - 14th April 2010

"It is a pitch to the electorate that includes the most generous tax giveaway and the most explicit public spending cuts offered by any of the main parties."

The Financial Times - 15th April 2010

"The most impressive part of the Liberal Democrat manifesto is its final few pages…The Lib Dems set out, in detail, how they plan to start reducing the deficit."

The Telegraph - 14th April 2010

"Its unique selling point is the tables of tax spending and saving proposals included at the back...they are the only main party to open themselves to direct scrutiny in this way."

Adam Boulton – Sky news - April 14th 2010

"They have produced what should be hailed as a credible economic programme… The Lib Dems say with some justification that they are the only party to have fully costed their plans without any reference to 'efficiency savings'. This is likely to enhance their growing popularity."

The New Statesman - 14th April 2010

"The Lib Dems’ manifesto does indeed include more detail on tax and spending policies than either Labour or the Tories."

Channel 4 Fact Check – 14th April 2010**

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