Thursday, September 07, 2017

Alienation of young Muslims

Commenting on the Social Mobility Commission’s study that young Muslims living in the UK are being held back from reaching their full potential at every stage of their lives, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said:

“There are some very worrying facts here which help to explain why there are a lot of alienated young Muslims. Their chances of getting a job are significantly worse than for the rest of the population.

“While the wider population is ageing rapidly, half of British Muslims are under the age of 25 and a third are under 15. The government must take action to ensure discrimination and prejudice doesn’t hold Muslims back in the workplace and society.

“That is why the Liberal Democrats would require companies to publish data in the way they already do on gender, for BAME employment and pay gaps. We also need blind recruitment in public and private sector to ensure no one faces discrimination based on their identity."

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