Friday, September 15, 2017

May should not use Irma to attack 0.7% aid target

Commenting on Theresa May's attack on the 0.7% aid target in relation to the UK's response to Hurricane Irma, Liberal Democrat International Development Spokesperson Shas Sheehan said:

“It is shocking to see Theresa May using a natural disaster to launch a political attack on the 0.7% target.

“The UK should be doing everything it can to help people affected by Hurricane Irma, both in UK territories and in the rest of the region, and which budget that comes from is frankly irrelevant.

“The European Union’s Development Fund has given millions of euros in funding to a number of the British territories which are impacted.

“Instead of trying to score cheap points by attacking aid rules, the Prime Minister should be asking the EU for support with the relief effort, and taking advantage of the benefits of our membership while we still have them.”

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