Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lib Dem response to government's position paper on security

The Liberal Democrats have challenged the government on its latest position paper, this time on security and defence.

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake MP said:

"It is interesting how the government now says the EU is central to Britain’s security and diplomatic needs. What a contrast to the EU referendum campaign when leading figures in the current government claimed the EU played no role in our security.

“This U-turn begs the question why ministers such as Boris Johnson, through their insulting and rash statements, have chosen to destabilise the very relationships that those arrangements are based on.

“Despite all their warm words, this government’s determination to push through an extreme Brexit threatens to leave Britain isolated and alone on the word stage.

“In particular, the EU27 has insisted that to share security information we would need to accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and Theresa May has expressly ruled that out. It is time Theresa May decided whether propping up her leadership by pandering to her right wing is really more important than our safety and security.”

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