Saturday, September 16, 2017

May must face down Boris, the Poundland Trump - Cable

Vince Cable has launched a powerful attack on Boris Johnson ahead of the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth. The Liberal Democrat leader has challenged Theresa May to slap down her Foreign Secretary and show some leadership after Johnson sought to sink May's proposal for a transitional Brexit deal, before a likely Johnson putsch for the Conservative leadership.

Vince Cable said:

“Boris Johnson is on manoeuvres, which means everyone else should take cover.

“He clearly thinks that Theresa May is on the verge of a U-turn which would lead to a
transitional deal that would keep us in the single market. Boris Johnson sees this as his chance to bag the top job, so is pushing for a far more extreme Brexit. This might play well with hard right Conservative MPs but would be a disaster for the UK economy.

“Theresa May must slap down Boris Johnson in the strongest terms or she will lose the last vestige of her authority to negotiate Brexit. The cabinet is more split than an oak tree struck by lightning. Britain desperately  needs political grown-ups who will put the country first, not a Poundland Donald Trump like Boris Johnson.”

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