Saturday, September 16, 2017

Voter ID plans risk undermining our democracy

Government plans to introduce voter ID at five local authorities next May risk "undermining democracy" by preventing people from voting, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

Around 3.5 million voters would not have any of the required forms of photo ID if the measure was introduced across the UK, according to estimates by the Electoral Commission.

Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake commented:

“Introducing voter ID at polling booths is a solution to a problem that is almost non-existent in the UK.

“This is a completely unnecessary move that risks undermining our democracy by preventing millions of people from voting.

“Evidence from around the world tells us forcing voters to bring ID won’t stop determined fraudsters, but is likely to lead to even lower turnouts amongst young people and minority groups.

"We should be encouraging people to vote, not excluding them.”  

Frank Little, local Lib Dem party secretary added:

"As far as Wales is concerned, this is a solution in search of a problem. No party in the Welsh Assembly has raised a question about personation. In my thirty years' experience of campaigning throughout South Wales, I have come across only one challenge. Even this turned out to be the result of an innocent mistake."

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