Friday, September 29, 2017

Cable responds to Green's claims that Lib Dem voters will sink Corbyn

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has challenged Damian Green after the Theresa May ally claimed that Liberal Democrat voters would secure the Prime Minister victory at the next election.

Vince Cable said:

“Damian Green is right that as moderate Labour voters come to realise that Jeremy Corbyn supports Brexit and does not want Britain to remain a member of the single market, they will see Liberal Democrats as the moderate, economically credible alternative.

“But make no mistake, we are every bit as determined to win over Conservative voters. They have seen Theresa May destroy the Conservative reputation for being the party of sound economics, and seen how uncaring and incompetent Theresa May's government is over NHS waiting lists, school cuts and benefits.

“Damian Green is a man of decent instincts and he understands that the centre ground has been abandoned by the two biggest parties. Under my leadership I am determined that the Liberal Democrats should fill that vast space.”

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