Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ros Scott calls in

After photos on Cimla Common and a courtesy call on mayor Mal Gunter (picture left), Baroness Scott was entertained by Annette and Councillor Des Sparkes at their house in Tonmawr.

There was a lively discussion between local activists and Ros and her husband Mark. Ros praised the work of the local party, stressing the important place which the many smaller parties held within the Liberal Democrats. She also outlined her platform for the presidential contest, which opens officially on 1st September.

Party finances - read the small print

Liberal Democrat Voice explains why you should not only mistrust the media, but also the spin which quangos put on their press releases.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baroness Scott Neath itinerary

Baroness Scott will arrive at Neath rail station at 13:29 tomorrow (provided First Great Western keep to timetable!). She will then accompany Councillors John Warman and Des Sparkes to Cimla, to discuss local problems. This will be followed at 14:30 by a visit to Neath Port Talbot council at the civic centre, where she will sign the Mayor's visitors' book.

The afternoon will be completed at around 17:00 by refreshments at Brynhyfryd House in Tonmawr, where the Baroness will meet local activists. From there, she will travel to Bridgend, completing the day with a function at the "Haywain".

Members, local and from other parts of the region, are welcome.

Scottish Leadership Election result

Tavish Scott MSP has been elected as new Scottish LibDem leader.

Comfortable win on first preferences giving him a strong mandate.
Tavish Scott 1450 (59.0%)
Ross Finnie 568 (23.1%)
Mike Rumbles 439 (17.9%)

(Turnout 61%)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baroness Scott to visit Neath and Port Talbot

Rosalind Scott (Baroness Scott of Needham Market) will meet members in Cimla, Port Talbot and Tonmawr this coming Wednesday, 27th August.

Details to follow.

Clegg unveils super powers?

We are grateful to Jonathan Calder's "Liberal England" for this pointer.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Cabin must be more than a political football

Nine months ago we stressed the need to keep a youth activity centre in Cwmgwrach and later to publish the report which was the ostensible reason for keeping the Cabin closed.

Labour was largely helped to its capture of Blaengwrach by harnessing the grievances of local families. It should not be left to legal action by the Friends of the Cabin to ensure the restoration of facilities.

The leader of Neath Port Talbot Council has recently publicly subscribed to an extension of the scrutiny facility of the council. Maybe the first subject should be an examination of provision for young people out-of-hours, throughout the borough.