Friday, August 03, 2007

If someone steals your credit card details, don't you want to know?

You may remember the TK Maxx scandal earlier this year, when customer details were stolen and used fraudulently. There is still no law in this country to force companies in this situation to warn their customers.

Now there is a petition to government to put this right.


Anonymous said...

I'd be more interested in finding out the identity of the thief.

Last year I paid my Council Tax to Newport Council in a lump by Debit Card. Within 48 hours I had a call from Barclays Fraud Centre asking if I had bought £250 of ladies underwear at knightsbridge. And £275 of electrical goods at comet ... And £500 of clothes in Paris ... and the list went on.

The Barclays Fraud centre were flagged after I bought two pizzas, within two minutes of each other, in cities hundreds of miles apart. So the fact that I was suddenly using it to buy stuff abroad when I haven't been out of the country for ten years wasn't a teensy, weensy bit of a giveaway ? Yeah Right.

I got my money back. MONTHS later. And yes Barclays Fraud Centre know who stole it. But they WONT tell me because they say I have to ask the police to tell me. And the Police won't tell me. Because they say they need permission from Barclays to tell me.

Why is this ? After all, the facts are obvious. There is clearly a thief in Newport Council's online payment processing operation.

So why can't I have their nuts to roast on my yule log ?

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Some of this pass-the-parcel is supposed to be ending under new arrangements between the banks and the police.

shannon said...

i cant believe that theyre not required to inform you of a credit card processing security breach. that seems outrageous and unfair to me!