Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Commonwealth citizens joining British Army direct

No apologies for returning to the Gurkhas' case (see Monday posting).

The Gurkhas' legal team urgently (by end of Wednesday 24th September) need to find an example case of a soldier recruited directly to the British Army from a Commonwealth country to disprove statements being made by the Home Office.

Peter Carroll says:

“We need to find a person who joined the British Army between 1962 and 1997 who was a citizen of a Commonwealth Country and joined the Army directly from his own country - that is, they had not entered and settled in the UK before applying to join the Army.

“The reasons behind this requirement are complex. However, our legal team say that the finding of even one such instance would fundamentally improve the chance of victory in this case.”

If you can help, visit Peter’s site for details of how to get in touch.

We are grateful to Mark Pack and Liberal Democrat Voice for bringing this to our attention.

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