Thursday, October 30, 2008

Social Services taking children

Camilla Cavendish of The Times has been nominated for a Paul Foot Award for her campaign against injustices which result from the Children's Act 1989, and the climate of secrecy which surrounds disputed child protection cases (such as that which led to this party's recent statement).

It is only fair to point out that she is not without her critics. However, the roster of cases she has highlighted, and the anecdotes this writer has heard about local cases, show that there is much to be concerned about.

- Frank Little


Anonymous said...

"...Some of these children were being told that they were in care because their parents no longer wanted them." From the Times Article.

My blood is boiling. No wonder Social Workers got a bad name - bit of news for these Social Workers - WE DON'T WANT YOU!

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

There is a need for social workers. The trouble is that the profession attracts, as well as the good people, those (a) who have a predilection to abuse children; (b) who (possibly because of their own unsatisfactory upbringing) want to play God.

As a result of some high-profile cases, there are now measures in place to counteract the dangers at (a) (though there is now some complacency). However, the law of the land actually encourages (b).

Frank Little