Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fresh Start for Britain

The Lib Dem Conference in Bournemouth last week saw the party set out
clear priorities for the country:
  • Build a sustainable economy
  • Make society fairer
  • Reform our broken political system
Key policies agreed by the Lib Dems include:
- Investment in green jobs
The Lib Dems will switch Government spending into environmental projects that will create jobs and build a greener future. This will include investment in public transport infrastructure and major energy efficiency schemes.

- Fairer tax system
The Lib Dems will raise the basic allowance to £10,000 - taking millions of people out of paying tax altogether and saving low and middle income earners £700 a year. This will be paid for by closing many of the tax loopholes which benefit the best off.

- Reform politics
The Lib Dems agreed a range of measures to reform the political system. They want to give voters the right to sack MPs who have been shown to be guilty of fraud. They also want to curb big donations to political parties so that no-one can ‘buy’ our political system.

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