Thursday, January 07, 2010

Liberal Democrat MP calls for more gas storage

After the announcement that a second gas balancing alert went out today, the demand by John Hemming for more gas storage capacity to be provided, and, in the mean time, for imports to be increased, has become more urgent.

Mr Hemming has been concerned about UK's gas supply situation for many years.


Anonymous said...

The simple fact of the matter is that we are reliant on imports for both coal and gas. Unfortunately, we are reliant on old soviet bloc countries to pipe us gas, these lengths of pipeline would be prone to terrorist attack and prone to being turned off due to regime change.

We really need to go down the road of looking for alternatives to fossil fuels.

When you’ve got the National Grid telling factories to switch off their gas for a few hours every evening, I’m sure this does tell us something about how little gas there is being piped into the country and the lack of storage to buffer for demand in the UK.

Frank Little said...

The UK also receives gas from Norway and, of course, via the terminal on Milford Haven. We are therefore less dependent than some continental countries on Russian gas, but these other supplies are not going to last for ever.